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This practical, funny, easy-to-understand book is just $14.99.

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The best thing about Parenting From the Heights is that it's so easy to implement the fresh, creative techniques you'll find.

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It's an easy read, too. We know that of all the people in the world, moms in particular often have about zero reading time! So we wrote the book tailor-made to busy moms' schedules. 

You also won't find a lot of intellectual jargon in this book, but you will find real-life examples that you'll remember, key phrases to use, instructions about your demeanor/tone of voice, and a common sense approach to helping your child make great choices.

These techniques have been taught to hundreds of parents with stellar results. Here are a few comments we've received from parents around the country:

 "I have learned so much. My daughter will benefit from everything you taught me!"
"Our household is running so much smoother. My husband and I feel so good doing things the RIGHT way."
"My husband has noticed a difference already, which goes a LONG way toward getting his buy-in toward implementation."

"Because I was already a parent that disciplined regularly, I wondered how much I'd get out of the study. Boy, was I wrong! The book has so many practical tips. I found myself changing 'old habits' and implementing new methods that get a much better response and leave me less frustrated."
"I came away with practical tips on how to parent more effectively."
"You gave us all a wonderful gift through your book."


It's time to get going! Don't waste another minute yelling in frustration. Order a copy of the book today.