Small Groups

Parenting From the Heights comes with a small group study guide right in the book. Contained in the book are 13 separate study guides for small group discussion. This small group study is perfect for MOPS-type groups, neighborhood Bible studies, Sunday school classes, and more!

Each study guide begins with a couple of "Opening Discussion" questions based on the previous chapter/chapters (some chapters are combined for study questions). Your group warms up by talking about various life experiences as they relate to parenting. When you get to Section 2 in the book itself (The Tools), you'll start off each week's discussion by sharing success stories from the previous week. This is a time of huge encouragement as parents learn from each other's experiences.

Each week your group moves next to the set of questions entitled "Exploring Further." Parents answer questions regarding specific childrearing information they read that week. This section causes parents to really make a connection between what they observe in their real life situations, and what they're learning to do differently.

Your group ends your time together by "Getting Practical." Parents discuss ways they plan to implement various techniques the coming week. This stimulates their thinking in the correct direction. It helps the group end with a sort of "game plan" so each parent's mindset is in the right place.

Small group discussion with Parenting From the Heights is a great way to help:

  • A neighborhood mom's group
  • A "MOPS" style group
  • A church small group or "life group"
  • A Sunday School class for young parents
  • A parent group from a school
  • A summer playdate-at-the-park for mothers

Because it's broken into a 13-week plan, it fits nicely into a quarterly study or a summer endeavor. And because it's not gender-specific, it's a terrific tool for both moms and dads. Work it into your small group and start seeing positive change in young families' lives!

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